Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and innovate, create and launch your own cleantech startup

MSc Cleantech Innovation

Imperial College London’s MSc Cleantech Innovation programme is designed to provide aspiring climate entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge necessary to create revolutionary cleantech innovation.

Ready to shape the future of cleantech?

Delivered in partnership between the Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, students on the MSc Cleantech Innovation will be embedded within Imperial’s thriving climate innovation community with access to a wealth of expertise in climate science, design engineering and business. They will have the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the technical aspects of climate change challenges, formulating their own solutions to these within the cleantech themes of energy, materials, manufacturing, water, transport and food.

A key aim of the course is to draw in a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds and contexts, including design engineers, architects and industrial designers, who are passionate about making a difference and complementing each other’s skills through their teamwork and cohort-based activities.

A student work at a machine in the Dyson School of Design Engineering. Photo taken: November 2023

Find your place in our thriving innovation community

Students will engage with real-world scenarios through entrepreneurial initiatives, actively participating with Undaunted via a residency project with startups from The Greenhouse accelerator programme.

The course includes individual and group components, across a variety of modes including videos, written work, invention, prototyping and business planning.

There will be opportunities to meet and learn from expert innovators across the cleantech spectrum. Students will be encouraged to develop new skills as designers, innovators and problem solvers, creating their own tech and preparing to launch it into the world to deliver real change.

The challenge is huge, but we are Undaunted – join us?