The Greenhouse

Europe's leading climate innovation accelerator programme

Our key focus: tackling the climate crisis

We take the planet’s point of view at every stage of the entrepreneurship journey and do not take equity in the businesses that we support.
The Greenhouse is one of Undaunted’s flagship activities. We support the development and growth of early-stage cleantech and sustainability startups tackling climate change.

When startups join The Greenhouse programme they become part of a thriving community within an environment that’s focused on supporting climate innovators to accelerate the development of their ideas and realise impact.

Embedded within the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London, we have all the elements needed to nurture successful climate innovation: first and foremost, passion for the planet in our DNA.

Teams on The Greenhouse are encouraged to iterate rapidly, experimenting, testing and refining their propositions, whilst working with leading experts and practitioners across climate and fundamental science, engineering and entrepreneurship.

Teams also have access to the world-class facilities and technical resources available at Imperial. This focus and setting is unique to Undaunted and in parallel strengthens both the science behind the proposed climate solutions, and the underlying business proposition, establishing a foundation for commercial success.

The Greenhouse is fully independent and wholly motivated to work for the public good.

Leading the way in climate innovation

Undaunted is one of the most established specialist climate accelerators in the world. Our programme is unique.

Over the past 12 years we have supported more than 175 startups on our accelerator programme at Imperial College London, playing a leading role in the growth of a new, green economy. During this time, we’ve refined a successful model for accelerating applicable, practical and adaptable solutions that make a difference on a global scale.
We build a bridge from the experimentation and discovery stage of technology development to commercial success, nurturing innovation until it is ready to be scaled and deployed. Our activities stimulate the commercial sector to follow and develop a wider ecosystem where green solutions can flourish. We are pioneers in nurturing climate innovation, with a proven record of success:

In numbers

The survival rate of Undaunted startups is 93%, compared to the industry average of 10%.


Undaunted alumni have gone on to raise over $1bn of funding since 2012


They operate across 30 countries worldwide, creating over 2000 jobs


We have supported over 175 startups on our accelerator to date

Impact forecast of Undaunted alumni by 2030

29 million tonnes of cumulative carbon dioxide equivalent forecast to be saved by 2030. This equates to 7% of the UK's annual greenhouse gas emissions

76 million tonnes cumulative waste forecast to be avoided by 2030 across the Undaunted startup portfolio. This is equivalent to a third of the UK's annual waste

7.4 million litres total fresh water to be saved by 2030, equivalent to the annual consumption of 75 thousand UK households

Supported by

The Greenhouse programme is supported by the Greater London Authority via the Mayor of London, and HSBC UK, through the bank’s global Climate Solutions Partnership.
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