About us

Undaunted is a hub for the UK’s climate innovation community, creating new routes into green entrepreneurship and supporting the acceleration of startups and SMEs tackling climate change.

The challenge is huge, but we are Undaunted

Undaunted is a hub for the UK’s climate innovation community, creating new routes into green entrepreneurship and supporting the acceleration of startups and SMEs tackling climate change.

Over the past 12 years we have developed and refined our model for accelerating applicable, practical and adaptable solutions that make a difference on a global scale.

We’re based between Scale Space on Imperial’s White City campus within the White City Innovation District, and also at the Grantham Institute on Imperial’s South Kensington campus.

This academic context is key. It embeds us within world-class facilities, expertise and networks, allowing us to embrace high-quality deeptech solutions and tackle harder-to-change sectors. It also means we keep climate and public good the core focus of everything we do.

Our mission

To nurture a climate innovation ecosystem that enables the creation of scalable innovative solutions to the climate challenge at pace.

Our vision

A world with a healthy, global climate innovation ecosystem, with diverse innovators leading businesses of all sizes that are delivering significant emissions reductions and climate resilience sustainably and at scale.

What we do and how you can get involved

Our programmes

You might be an aspiring founder at the very beginning of your journey, with just the tiniest seed of a climate innovation idea; an early-stage start-up who needs support to develop, gain seed investment or scale up; keen to implement net zero strategies across your existing business; or a mentor or investor who wants to support climate innovation. Undaunted’s programmes make up a thriving innovation ecosystem supporting climate innovators at different stages of their entrepreneurship journey.

Our companies

The ventures we’ve supported over the past 12 years have gone on to raise upwards of $1bn in investment, operating across 30 countries and creating over 2,000 jobs globally. Across all industries, the survival rate of new startups is 10 per cent; for startups graduating from Undaunted, the survival rate is over 93 per cent.

Their innovations span many different sectors, industries and contexts. We’re in the process of developing a webpage to showcase the companies who’ve come through our programmes. Sign up to the Undaunted website to stay in-the-loop on when this goes live, to learn more about who they are and how you might be able to provide support.

Our brand identity

Watch the video on the left to hear one of our advisors, James Cameron, launch the Undaunted brand in January 2023.

“Undaunted is the word that represents what has to happen, the attitude of mind, the feelng you must have, in order to persevere sufficiently to tackle a problem this big… Undaunted is the state of mind, the attitude of being that we want to be present…”

We’re a partnership

Undaunted is a partnership between two world-renowned scientific institutions: Imperial College London and the Royal Institution. Grown in Imperial’s Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, we have climate expertise, science and passion for the planet in our DNA.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is recognised as the UK’s most innovative university by Reuters, the best university in Europe for student entrepreneurs by Forbes, and ranked the top university for research in the UKlearn more.

Over the past decade it has produced more climate change innovation startups than any other UK university, creating an entire ecosystem to support startups at its campus in White City, one of London’s thriving innovation districts. There, academics and startups alike have access to state-of-the-art lab facilities set within collaborative, co-working spaces that encourage interaction between Imperial and the wider research and innovation ecosystem.

The Royal Institution (Ri)

Since 1799, the Royal Institution’s many eminent scientists, whose discoveries helped to shape the modern world, recognised the importance of sharing their work with the wider public.

Today, the Ri’s vision is that science is for everyone. And as an independent charity, the Ri is dedicated to bringing the public and scientists together to share their interest and passion for science, empowering people to explore and get involved. The Ri is a home for science and everyone is welcome.

The Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment

Imperial’s Grantham Institute envisions a sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon future through world-class research and training, and benefits from Imperial’s expert knowledge across technology development and its application to climate change and environmental challenges.

Imperial also has a track record of success in supporting climate change entrepreneurs, and its Enterprise teams support staff so their research can be translated into applications that solve real-world challenges.

The challenge is huge, but we are Undaunted – join us?