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Future Treescapes 23

Future Treescapes 23: Pioneering a greener tomorrow through research and collaboration

Explore the future of UK treescapes at this exclusive conference delving into the latest knowledge and innovation from the Future of UK Treescapes Programme.

Discover cutting-edge research and engage in thought-provoking discussions on environmental, socio-economic, and cultural aspects of treescapes.

Join us in sculpting the UK’s greener tomorrow.

Why attend Future Treescapes 23?


Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

As the climate and environmental crises intensify, the UK plans to plant 30,000 hectares of trees annually by 2025; and the Welsh government is expanding woodland cover to 25% of the country’s land area by 2050. The Future of UK Treescapes Programme was developed in order to create a body of research and innovation to support this ambitious expansion of tree cover.

Future Treescapes 23 takes place at the midpoint of the Programme, where projects begin to see promising results and focus on developing tools for stakeholders, key takeaways for decision-makers and recommendations for future research.

Join us for a unique opportunity for researchers, stakeholders, and decision-makers to collaborate, connect, and learn about the challenges and opportunities of treescape expansion and management.

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What to expect at the conference?

The conference will feature a range of talks, workshops, panels, and symposiums that showcase the progress and accomplishments of the UK Treescapes Programme and explore critical topics surrounding treescape expansion.

Keynote: Dominic Driver FICFor, CEnv, MCIEEM, Head of Land Stewardship, Natural Resources Wales

Dinner Speaker: Helen Browning OBE, DL, Chief Executive of the Soil Association and Organic Livestock and Arable Farmer

Online attendees will be able to join the live stream of the conference and ask questions via the platform.

Additionally, in-person attendees will have the opportunity to join us for a networking dinner on the 15th of June at a cost of £25 per person.

Full programme available on the EventBrite.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided to in-person attendees. Recorded sessions will be made available for wider audiences following the conference.

Event details

Event date:
June 15, 2023