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Climate Change Risk Management

Join Imperial College London and  The Institute of Risk Management in our revamped cutting-edge, interactive online training program on Climate Change Risk Management. Navigate the complexities of a changing climate, evolving regulations, and emerging opportunities with our two-tiered course offering or the combined Masterclass.

Climate Change Risk Management: Fundamentals

Embark on a journey to understanding why climate change matters to you and your organization. Uncover the principles of climate change risk management, and learn how to implement effective strategies using the latest tools and techniques. Discover the critical connection between climate change and sustainability, and prepare to meet the evolving expectations of regulators and stakeholders.

Climate Change Risk Management: Advanced

Dive deeper into the world of climate change risk management. Unravel the intricacies of emissions debates, carbon accounting, and border adjustments. Master scenario analysis techniques to inform decision-making, learn to spot and avoid greenwashing, and stay ahead of reporting requirements. Transform your understanding into meaningful actions that lead to real change.


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Event date:
May 23, 2024