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A Changing Planet Seminar by Raffael Jovine

We look forward to welcoming Raffael Jovine for the next Changing Planet seminar. 

Raffael Jovine has worked with photosynthesis from under the ice in Antarctica to the hot deserts of Oman to create new algal growth methodologies. Raffael is the Chief Scientific Officer at Brilliant Planet, a climate start-up founded in 2013 with a ground breaking approach to carbon capture. Their method has the potential to sequester carbon at the gigaton scale without competing with forests, farmland or protected ecosystems. They produce algae, convert it into stable biomass, and then bury that biomass, where it remains stable for thousands of years. This remove CO2 permanently from the atmosphere. In the process, vast amounts of seawater are deacidified, strengthening the local coastal ecosystem. In this seminar, Raffael Jovine will talk about how algal-based carbon capture at the gigaton scale can be achieved. 

Raffael completed his postdoctoral scholarship at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, his PhD at the University of California in Santa Barbara, and his BS at Yale University. He contributes to multiple marine carbon working groups. 

This seminar will take place in the Imperial College Business School UG100 – LTUG (South Kensington) and streamed on Zoom.

Please register using the link below if you would like to attend this seminar.


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Event date:
May 29, 2024